Monday, 21 April 2014

Hughz - Herbalist FREE DOWNLOAD

FREE TUNE DOWNLOAD No 25  on Future Jungle Blog comes courtesy of Hughz and Future Follower Records, its a deep rolling track that reminds us of Pressa's beats, the pads have a old skool edge which in this writer's opinion is a key element, the 'Jungle' in 140/Future Jungle, nicely chopped up breaks, heavy subs, all the perfect ingredients for a tune you will be rinsing over and over again!!!!

Future Follower Records: 


Thursday, 17 April 2014


Tony Rocky Horror has very kindly granted us 2 free tracks to feature on our soundcloud, remixes of Calvin Harris & Taste Experience 140/Future Jungle style, 
Tony Rocky Horror on Facebook: 
Check out Tony's radio show 'The Afterparty' here:

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Free Downloads Round Up Week #1

The first in a series of free download round ups that we hope to keep up regularly, we're opening it up it up here and simply sharing what we like regardless of genre so you will hear a variety of tempos and styles, most importantly, its a great chance to check out some artists you may have never heard of until now and hear what you were missing out on....


Today we have a very special free download from Darkhalf, a Detroit influenced 140/Future Jungle roller with a nice half time breakdown towards the end of the track, Darkhalf produces in a variety of styles from DnB to 140 to Hip Hop, he runs Perpetual Recordings and has some great forthcoming releases in the coming months on Music Of Life & Stay On Target Records, this writer simply can't enough of the late night haunting sounds of this great track which is also available to download for free from his soundcloud page along with a great selection of multi genre tracks. Darkhalf was introduced to the 140 sound via Bay B Kane as he says himself "140 is something new I am exploring a lot at the moment. I am remixing and making tracks for someone major right now, a label that defined a lot of what we hear now and although I have always been into the Drum n Bass and Jungle side of things, I feel this is a great genre to explore other possibilities. Not only that, but I get to take it back to when I was a late teenager and incorporate sounds from that day and put them into something more futuristic. It was Bay B Kane that introduced me to 140, he remixed a track that Terminus and I wrote together and it completely took me back in awe. The room you get to work with is outstanding and the possibilities with the break edits are unreal! Always been a B Boy by heart, I can feel already the effect this music has had on me. I can see this music attracting not just the junglist but also the B Boys out there that really don't have much music to break too. In this day and age you can also incorporate many other 140 based styles of music into Future Jungle and not as many producers do that as much these days in the normal standard Jungle you hear today! I am very nostalgic and welcome 140/ Future Jungle with open arms" Big ups to Darkhalf, we look forward to hearing more 140 Jungle beats from him!!!!

Friday, 4 April 2014


4 releases you need to add to your collection, first up, Ellis Dee & DJ Twista's new EP on Passenger Records features 2 140 Jungle/breaks bangers 'Next To Me' & 'Be The One' with Marie Louise on vocals, both classy tracks with quality production and perfect for sending the dance floor into mass hysteria!!!

Manion's new EP 'The Truth' on Kut Off Records is a 2 way split between 4 tracks of 140 Jungle & DnB taking in breaks & trap influences on the journey and plenty of Manion's signature  dutty bass!!!

On Bad Habit Muzik, The Imperial Brothers touch down for their 3rd release on the label 'Choon' remixed by 100Me who skillfully blurs the lines between house/garage, breaks & 140 for a peak time party anthem!!!!

On the deeper side of things, Ryo returns to Boomsha Recordings for 'Arcadia', a shimmering slice of ambient influenced future jungle that shimmers like a sun soaked soaked desert with mesmerising pads and tons of atmosphere, Resonant Status turns in a simply amazing prog breaks reworking too....

Sunday, 23 March 2014

2Brainz- In the Darkness 93 (FREE DL)Conquestrecordings

Here at the blog, we would like to say a special thanks and big ups to 2Brainz & Conquest Recordings who have given us another free track to share with you and what a track too!!! Its back to 93 with this eerie darkside/horrorcore spine tingler, loaded with atmosphere and super tight drum edits, an incredibly authentic tribute to one of the most innovative periods of rave/hardcore/jungle history, feel the bass on this badboy!!!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014